Jawline Enhancement Liverpool, Manchester, London, Isle of Man

For whom is this treatment suitable?

Jawline dermal filler is perfect for anyone wanting an elongated or “snatched” (tight and defined) look in their lower face. Filler is ideal for a person who has lost volume along the jawline or chin over the years.

For a patient that has heaviness or laxity in their lower face, other treatments such as Aqualyx fat dissolving injections should be considered.

Do you generally perform this treatment on more mature clients?

I perform this treatment on people of all ages. Chin and jawline enhancement is a popular treatment in younger patients who have a genetically weaker jaw or chin.

It’s also popular in more mature patients who have lost the strength of their jawline through ageing. In the more mature set of patients, It is often necessary to address the cheeks before the jawline, to ensure we give the soft tissues of the face enough support.

Is Jawline augmentation painful?

Filler contains a numbing agent called lidocaine, clients generally find this treatment to be rather comfortable.

Is it possible to combine it with chin augmentation?

Yes, augmenting the chin along with the jawline will give a more dramatic result and improvement of side profile in those that lack chin definition.

Do you offer packages for side profile?

Yes, filler packages are available starting from 3ml up to 6ml, you can find the prices on the book now page.

How much filler do you recommend for jawline augmentation?

It is recommended to have at least 2ml either side of your jawline to create a defined result.

Jawline Enhancement Client Pictures

Jawline Enhancement Filler Liverpool Client Pic 3
Jawline Enhancement Liverpool Client Pic 1
Jawline Enhancement Liverpool Client Pic 3
Jawline Enhancement Filler Liverpool Client Pic 3