Cheek Enhancement Liverpool, Manchester, London, Isle of Man

Who is suitable for this treatment?

If your cheeks have lost definition or your face is sagging, cheek augmentation can restore shape to your cheeks.

Cheek Enhancement can be done alongside a facial profiling package, however can also be performed as a standalone treatment.

Cheek augmentation not only restores cheek shape but can also provide subtle softening to shadowing at the mouth corners, nose to mouth lines as well as providing support for the aging eye. Therefore, this treatment is often valuable when correcting aging to the orbital region.

Not all fillers are suitable for Cheek Augmentation. You will require a volumising product that can be modelled and will not migrate.


Can I have my cheek augmentation 2 days prior to going on holiday?
You will not be able to have treatment so close to a holiday. There is a risk of side effects that could not be treated if you were on holiday. We advise treatment injections should be performed at least 2 weeks prior to holidays.

I am getting married when is the best time to have my cheek filler injections?
The approved FDA fillers that I use integrate over a period of 4 weeks. This means that you will have your best results after this period. I would advise a minimum of 6 weeks before the wedding.

Can I go to the gym straight after?
No, I would avoid any physical exercise for 48hours, it can encourage bleeding and therefore bruising.

How long will it last and how much does it cost?
The aesthetic fillers I use for cheek augmentation are approved by the FDA and the volumising products can last anywhere in the region of 9-18 months although this does depend on each individuals metabolism, lifestyle, number of sessions and other contributing factors. However, you would need to have a consultation and you will discuss how much treatment would be appropriate to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.

Cheek Enhancement Client Pictures

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Cheek Enhancement Liverpool Client Pic 3